Music Review Website Reviews 

Witty/useful music reviews for music to which you mostly don’t listen. Good concept though.

The Dame Blanche (as the FCC would call it) of music websites. Also this guy went to business school so this might be Matt in two years.

Named after my favorite rap quote ever. Prominent purveyors of the “Gucci Mane is the best rapper alive” meme (See Above). I’m still dubious

This used to be my favorite music website until it stopped getting updated very often. Archives available here:

For interested readers, Nick Sylvester, the person behind these blogs, got fired from the Village Voice for writing a fake review of former NYT correspondent Neil Strauss’ seduction community memoir The Game, paving the way for Mystery’s much-hyped reality television program, The Pick-Up Artist.


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  1. I read your blog every once in a while and I must say that I like your template!

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