Downtown OMFUG Ice Shortage

Import quotas on beverages and things containing ice or even the word ice have hit downtown hard over the last several weeks. Two weeks ago, after being turned away by a seated-2-capacity Beano’s, your correspondent and two acquaintances entered Costa Coffee’s vastly inferior downtown location. One acquaintance ordered a Frescata, Costa’s frozen coffee beverage, only to be informed that there was no ice on hand. As if this was not insulting enough, a recent trip to McDonald’s on Sherif Street turned up evidence that this pestilential icelessness is spreading, as no ice cream was on offer. One knows, of course, about the tendency of Cairo restaurants and cafes to eschew ice in the winter, but one also expects that, spring having more-or-less sprung, establishments would start taking their cues from Gucci Mane, particularly considering his rapidly rising star.

As an aside, I wish this guy worked at McDonald’s or Costa. It would solve all their problems.


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Filed under Conspiracy Theories, Downtown, Hip Hop

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