Highly Self-Involved Book Reviews

2666 by Roberto Bolan(tilde)o

You should definitely read this. I ordered it in November from Diwan then after a long and boring story it finally arrived four months later. Then I saw it for sale at the AUC Bookstore in Tahrir. I think the emotion I felt when I found out is called “buchzeitfreude” in German.

Zaat by Sonallah Ibrahim

You should definitely read this. Comments on many pertinent subjects and probably you will recognize certain situations, like the part about the cleaning lady, on my case. I wasn’t into the whole experimental part of the book. I think I read a book by John Dos Passos (???) in which a similar device was deployed, and wasn’t impressed then, either.

The Kindly Ones (pp. 1-74) by Jonathan Littell

The first twenty-or-so pages were amazing, then it got sort of dull for about the next 20 then got good again. If literature is like the sea, as some critics maintain, then the sea is a bit choppy here. I hope it becomes like a rogue wave in due time. Lots of Nazi military acronyms and things make it sometimes hard to follow.



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