TIBA/TEBA/TEEBAH Opens Restaurant

Tiba/Teba/Teebah has opened its long-awaited restaurant. TBE has mixed feelings about this. Tiba/Teba/Teebah is our favorite supermarket in the Boursa (sorry, ya Hag!), but I can already tell that the restaurant isn’t as good as Kazaz, even without trying it. (They serve similar cuisines.) But since Tiba/Teba/Teebah Restaurant is on the way back from Kazaz, they’ll probably know we were going to Kazaz. Now we know how Doug Feith, Elliot Abrams, et al. feel. Dual loyalty is hard, yall!

As a consolation to Tiba/Teba/Teebah, we just realized that The Boursa Exchange’s acronym, TBE, is Tiba/Teba/Teebah in Lebanese accent.


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