Baby’s Day Out

Downtown is witnessing a strollerenaissance, though it may be a naissance sans re-. There are those that have commented on the practice of people in Egypt carrying around babies as opposed to inserting them in strollers. Now TBE is still doing fieldwork in Cairo, but probably there are two reasons for this: The obvious socio-economic one and the less individualistic culture here than in the West. Since TBE is Everything but Dissertation in Strollology Studies, it can say with authority that strollers in the West are an (often subconscious but) immediate way of both reasserting the parents individualism and an act of distancing the child at a young age ie getting it used to the idea of being separated. The effects of this early childhood distancing, which of course continues throughout adolescence, carries over into the notions of personal space that many Westerners bring with them to Cairo along with their other baggage.

Further supporting my thesis, TBE fired up fake STATA and did some fake regressions with a giant sample size and found that the variables STROLUSE (Stroller usage per capita) and HOMETILMAR (Percentage of the population that lives at home until marriage) were highly correlated.

So this probably means that early adapters amongst the Cairene classes that stroll around Downtown are becoming more individualistic.


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