Linguistics Review

It is an odd coincidence that heiTan (حيطان ) means walls and heitan (حيتان ) means whales, ie that two completely different words in different languages sound similar to each other in their respective languages. Is there a name for this phenomenon? Is it a phenomenon?



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2 responses to “Linguistics Review

  1. here’s another question, i guess: the etymology of “izzay.” yusuf al-maghribi recorded it being used in the 18th century, and thought it came from “ayy shay ziyyuh” i.e. “how is is attire?” but the contraction of that into “izzay” doesn’t seem plausible to me.

    i’m glad this blog has started, it’s pretty insightful, and fun, especially since i used to live in cairo.

  2. nottooshaabi


    Thanks for your comments and for introducing us to the dissertation on al-Maghribi, about which TBE will be posting soon.

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