Lebanese Elections Journalism Review

Qifa Nabki: In a sense he’s already won the elections, by becoming the go-to blog for comical, pox-on-all-houses analysis.

Mitchell Prothero for The National: The best English-language journalist working in Lebanon today. His second-latest dispatch, on the uneasy alliance between Hizballah and the FPM is representative of his output. 

Lebanese Elections 2009: A bit dry, but the information is informative to the max.

Robert Worth for the NYT: I wish the Times would send Sabrina Tavernise there. I think she acquitted herself well during the 2006 war.

Robert Fisk for the Independent: He hates the opposition, and especially Hizballah. 

One wonders why the Washington Post hasn’t sent Anthony Shadid to Lebanon? Seems like a natural choice.

Or why the LAT didn’t send Jeffrey Fleishman to write a special report on the frequency with which the Lebanese political classes get manicures? Oh shit! I just learned that Fleishman wrote a novel called “Promised Virgins: A Novel of Jihad.”



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3 responses to “Lebanese Elections Journalism Review

  1. Poseidon

    Qifa Nabki rules! I agree. As for Tavernise, she’s doesn’t cover if civilians aren’t dying. We hacks are bored with Lebanon when it’s not bleeding.

  2. Poseidon

    But Lebanese elections, even bloodless, are still funnier than anything realted to the EU parliament.

  3. nottooshaabi

    “Never thought I’d see the daaaaaaay/ When a big vote comin’ your waaaaaaay.”

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