BREAKING: Peace Garden Fever Sweeps the Boursa

Boursa residents woke up this morning to find that a crack team of landscape architects had installed a Peace Garden in front of TIBA. The overnight spadework shocked and astounded Boursaween of all walks of life. Some viewed the new urban idyll, viewable from TBE HQ’s balcony, as an unqualified good, citing the need for green spaces to break up the typical urban monotony. Others, however, worried that increasing gentrification of the Boursa will push out poorer residents by increasing rent prices and inspiring a flood of reverse migration by those rich Egyptians that have in recent decades moved to the new suburban developments on the city’s outskirts. One teary expatriate could be heard mumbling the lyrics to Johnny Cash’s The Green, Green Grass of Home as he gazed upon the Boursa’s answer to the Arcadia of Greek mythology. The Hag, who has a longstanding rivalry with TIBA, could not be reached for comment.

Before and after pics after the jump.


Boursa before


Boursa After



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