Snap of the Week: UPDATED


obama arabic

Photo Credit: TBE Staff

Location: Al-Shourouq Bookstore, Midaan Talaat Harb.

An advertisement for the Arabic translation of Obama’s Dreams From My Father. It looks legit. 

UPDATE: National disgrace and Weekly Standard blogger Michael Goldfarb says Obama might be hiding his nefarious ability to speak Arabic… Maybe this is the original version and the English version is a translation FROM ARABIC and Obama said “hajib” instead of “hijab” to throw us off his scent. 

Another pic after the jump.



Photo Credit: TBE Staff

Photo Credit: TBE Staff







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4 responses to “Snap of the Week: UPDATED

  1. cgfd

    Would love to read more commentary /analysis in TBE on Obama’s speech and how it was received by Boursaween and Cairenes in general.

  2. nottooshaabi

    Sounds like a capital idea. I am currently writing a musical about the speech and reactions, which should appear over the next day or two.

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