Act One of “Obama’s Cairo Speech: The Musical”

TBE is proud to announce the world premier of “Obama’s Cairo Speech: The Musical.” 


Today we are presenting Act One, with Acts Two and Three to come. Act One encompasses the point between the 1991 Gulf War and the end of the George W. Bush era in American politics. The theme of Act Two is the speech itself. Act Three is devoted to the reactions of interested parties.  

The story opens in 1991, with Osama bin Laden putting in a call to a senior Saudi prince, volunteering to protect the Kingdom from possible Iraqi aggression. The prince politely refuses, telling bin Laden that the Saudi’s have instead decided to accept American overtures.

A jilted lover, bin Laden, backed by his new band, al-Qa’ida, sings his new ideology. Alert viewers will make a note of the lead singer’s t-shirt. 

Several years elapse, and eventually the administration of George W. Bush is sworn in. Despite warnings about al-Qa’ida’s intentions, the administration was concerned with other important issues like making sure stem cell research was illegal, and so didn’t devote much time or effort to the threat of transnational terror. Their attitude can be summed up by this shirt, which was the official jersey of the White House Summer 2001 Softball team.

ignorance is bliss

Then September 11 happened. As you might’ve heard, it changed everything. 

The Bush administration develops a two-track response.

To the world he offers the following message:

To US citizens he and his vice president appeal to American nationalism in a rather crude but effective manner:

Then he attacks Afghanistan and Iraq. The results are predictable:

Increasingly the Arab public is disgusted by Bush’s approach. As witnessed in this video, which begins with Bush lecturing the Arab world (rumor is he might win a Tony for this soliloquoy), followed by the Arab world’s revenge – part fantasy, part reality – in which Bush’s plans are repeatedly foiled and rejected:


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