Our Far-Flung Correspondents

TBE’s dialectology and Hollywood Correspondent, Propagandin, who doubles as our small-batch ice cream editor, sent the following dispatch from the field:

I think I know something about this.

Dialectology is my pseudo-area of expertise.  Like you said, accents in many cases are to do with outside influences.  The pilgrims to Virginia and those to Massachusetts were from different parts of Britain that had distinct accents.  Their different colonies, and now states, reflected these differences.

Obviously it was more complicated than just this, but the big theory about Arabic is the “pidginization hypothesis” that claims Arabic dialects started out as pidgins between dominant Gulf Bedouin Arabic and the local occupied language and then eventually the pidgins transitioned into creoles when those languages interacted for more than one generation.
You should read these two books:

1) The Arabic Language by Kees Versteegh
2) Modern Arabic by Clive Holes (more of a technical linguistics book)

Previous linguistics coverage available here.


Likewise, Colby Smith, TBE’s Rogue Wave Correspondent, has this to say about a new rogue threat to look out for:

“A family of four in Highlands Ranch was put out of their home this morning when a rogue lightning strike set their roof on fire.”

-As reported in the Denver Post on 5/20/2009

Is there a new conspiracy? Has the mighty rogue wave teamed up with lightning to bring his destruction to previously unknown realms? I think we need an investigation. Call Geraldo, I think he is available to crack this story.

Previous rogue wave coverage available here.

Bonus math equation after the jump:





!!!يا نهار اسود



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2 responses to “Our Far-Flung Correspondents

  1. nottooshaabi

    Dear readers who arrived at this post via a search for “rogue wave,”

    Since you are so numerous, TBE assumes that there has been some rogue wave-related development we may have missed. Would one of you please be so kind as to inform us of the reason for this recent surge in rogue wave interest?

    Thanks a million,


    • mi

      i think people google the band, and then see the pictures of said wave containing the rogue prowess, and the buzz they have that led them to search for the band in the first place allows them to become absorbed in the pictures, and then we find ourselves here. lost. forever

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