Why’s GAD Been Acting So Messed Up Towards TBE?: UPDATED


TBE is a longtime fan of GAD’s fiteer, particularly (q)ishta wa ‘asl. You can imagine our excitement at the prospect of a new GAD opening on Midan Falaki. We thought we might have recalled this prospective GAD a couple years back, in roughly the same state of limbo in which it exists today, but a peek behind the curtains showed that all or most of the kitchen and serving equipment was installed and ready to start churning out fiteer and other GADian delicacies. This led us to believe that it would be only a matter of days or a few short weeks before a very conveniently located GAD would be adorning our taste buds, far from the madding crowds (and long waits) of the 26th July location.

As time wore on, however, it became clear that the phantom GAD, upon which we had staked so much, was not going to open anytime soon. As is TBE’s wont, we first tried to make excuses for the slow-to-open GAD. We chalked it up to the financial crisis, believing that perhaps GAD got squeezed by the credit crunch, and couldn’t get funding for that last push to open its new joint, or maybe to the fact that affordable housing advocates had asked GAD to delay opening in the area, for fear that gadentrification would set in, with real estate prices skyrocketing as rich fiteer lovers flooded the neighborhood. Eventually, however, we were forced to face the truth: GAD just doesn’t care that much about its Boursa-area customers.

As most readers probably know, hell hath no fury like a fiteer lover scorned. Upon realizing GAD’s insidious plot to deny us a conveniently located fiteer outlet, we instituted an informal boycott of all GAD institutions (with one unfortunate episode of backsliding, an evening that will live on in infamy), in hopes that they would feel the sting of our reduced patronage and reconsider their misguided decision not to open the Falaki destination without delay. Despite the pressure we have exerted, GAD Falaki has taken only incremental steps towards opening; a few lonely light fixtures is all that’ve been added since the boycott took effect.

It is more in sadness than in anger that we are escalating our campaign, asking readers to patronize the other, often lesser, fitatris that dot Cairo’s landscape. We can recommend al-Dawar, in Mohandiseen (we think on Lebanon St.), as a tasty and tasteful alternative that TBE has enjoyed on a few occasions. The delivery number is 16603. If readers have other favorites, please post them in the comments.

All that said, TBE eagerly awaits the day we and GAD can duet on this song:


Bonus fiteer tip: If you find yourself at the Egyptian Pancake House next to Hussein on the Khan’s outskirts, which we don’t necessarily recommend, demand the Arabic menu. TBE has occasionally heard rumors of restaurants with menus priced differently in Arabic and English, but this is the only case where we’ve actually seen the differentially-priced menus with our own eyes. (To their credit, the waiter told us to order from the Arabic menu to avoid the inflated English prices.)



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4 responses to “Why’s GAD Been Acting So Messed Up Towards TBE?: UPDATED

  1. Poseidon

    This might be the coldest story ever told. How could you be so GADless?

    If Poseidon was still in the Mediterranean, he would unleach all his fury on GAD. Even though he has a weird SM passion for their kafta in hotdog bun.,

  2. cgfd

    The NYC Commission on Human Rights brought a case on behalf of a non-Chinese patron against a Chinese restaurant who engaged in secret price discrimination in their Chinese menu in NYC and the restaurant lost the case. It would be hilarious if TBE brought such a suit in Cairo and the US government weighed in to vindicate the human right, and was subsequently denounced for yet again meddling in Egyptian internal affairs on TBE’s behalf. I’m waiting for the IHT headline!

  3. dang, that is frustrating news! i myself love gad, but usually go for the delivery option, because i don’t usually like to brave the gadding crowds. they make the best gambari sandwich, well, ever. there is nothing like a gambari sandwich delivered fresh to your door by a delivery scooter.

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