Quick Links for July 24, 2009

LOL Smiley Face.

LOL Smiley Face.


Someone has taken it upon her or himself to make a bunch of academic articles about the Middle East available for free.


Camels’ Milk Chocolate.


Banksy does Africa.


Beck, last seen making good music on Sea Change, thought of a nice gimmick: He gathered a bunch of musicians to play covers of classic albums. The first one is The Velvet Underground and Nico. The results are pretty nice.

LOL Smiley Face: Trey Songz feat. Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy

It sure is strange that old corporate-type people don’t know how to do things like use the internet. One businessman who has scaled the commanding heights of the Egyptian economy recently told TBE that he didn’t know how to type, because when he was younger typing was a secretary’s job, and he thought that if he learned how to do it then people would think less of him. When TBE hears about people with job titles like tech consultant we think it must be a scam, like how could someone get paid to set up twitters for old people or whatever? But then we remember that lots of old people are distinctly incapable of doing so.

What really drove this point home to us is the way Soulja Boy, a rapper with little discernible talent, has used social networking to “take his brand to the next level,” and how older rappers (and by old we mean mid-20s and above) who may be more talented can’t keep up because he accomplishes the task of integrated marketing in such a clever and intuitive way. Business school students or professors looking to make a big splash should write a case study about Soulja Boy.



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5 responses to “Quick Links for July 24, 2009

  1. Poseidon

    I tasted Camel Milk chocolate a few month ago. It just tastes like cheap chocolate, sadly.

  2. Juicey

    Its tough for people who are “older than the internet” to keep up.

    • nottooshaabi

      Particularly if they were born when people were still driving “wood cars.”

      • Juicey

        BTW, true story, i was just hired by a company as a web consultant to set up their facebook, twitter and other social networks strategy. LOL Smiley Face. And everyone knows I AM older than the internet.

  3. nottooshaabi


    Were you even born when Wal-Mart was invented LOL :)?

    Quick Links Update: http://stereogum.com/archives/new-jayz-feat-rihanna-kanye-west-run-this-town_081231.html

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