Liam Stack, Greek Club Civil War, and Developing Developments

The elusive Liam in his natural habitat.

TBE interrupts its previously scheduled vacation to bring you the following updates:

Liam Stack:

We’d like to take this opportunity to say “C U L8R” and best of luck to member in good standing of the TBE Policies Secretariat and CSM correspondent par excellence Liam Stack as he embarks on a journey of academic and self discovery on the mean streets of New York.

Rivalrous Restaurants at the Greek Club:

On a recent trip to the Greek Club, TBE’s civil conflicts correspondent found the club riven by internal factionalism. The main dining room, which was closed for a spell while “undergoing renovations,” possibly after enduring a vicious artillery barrage by the better-armed terrace, has reinvented itself as a piano bar. In the process it has launched itself high into the chintzosphere, the better to launch satellite-guided schmaltz rockets onto the unsuspecting terrace, which remains firmly in the hands of the old guard, and seems still to have the upper hand in terms of attracting a clientele and staff esprit de corps.

Although TBE’s correspondent is currently on vacation, we are exploring the possibility of embedding a Greek Club regular in one of the restaurants, and will certainly bring you coverage of any breaking news if the front heats up again.

New Hot Photo Developing Spot

TBE photo editor Jason Larkin has alerted us to an important photography development, sure to have repercussions in the Boursa and beyond: The existence of ‘Alaam Photo Center, conveniently located on al-Muhrani Street in the Boursa. After seeing rolls of film hanging in a window behind TBE headquarters, Larkin promptly launched an investigation. After bringing a couple rolls in for developing, he stated unequivocally that ‘Alaam is “way better than Antar [Ed.: a photo shop on Midan Falaki used by many professional photographers], both in terms of the quality of processing and customer service.” Dilettantes beware: While still cheap by Western standards, ‘Alaam is far more expensive than Antar and other, similar photo developers.



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3 responses to “Liam Stack, Greek Club Civil War, and Developing Developments

  1. hadeelio

    Liam can now say he has achieved his dream of having a zebeeba (4Shbab photo)….

    Love from the Big Bag(hdad)

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