AUC Bookstore Details Emerge


The AUC Bookstore has been TBE’s intellectual crush for a while now. But it seems “the bookstore,” as we affectionately call it, has been playing coy with TBE. Only in America did TBE finally uncover some exclusive details about a proposed makeover that is set to challenge that intellectuals’ café on Falaki Street’s claim on the hearts of downtown’s smart set.

Bookstore details and other AUC effluvia, culled from an article in AUC Today’s Fall 2008 issue, after the jump.

The administration building (the nice one that faces the Mugamaa) will undergo extensive renovations at the hands of Agnieszka Dobrowolska, to return it to its former splendor. Following the facelift, the bookstore will move in, occupying two floors, which will contain both an expanded selection of books and a café, opening out onto the garden behind what used to be the cafeteria. TBE sincerely hopes the café will be managed by the same company that has a (currently shuttered) kiosk in the garden area, whose name escapes us despite the excellent coffee previously on offer.

As was widely expected, the AUC will sell off the Greek Campus, though the article (from Fall 2008) said it would not do so for at least a year. The university will keep the Falaki and Main Campuses (Campi?) for posterity and to house performing and visual arts spaces and the few departments that will remain downtown.



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3 responses to “AUC Bookstore Details Emerge

  1. Jamal

    Oh wow, happy to hear they’re keeping the “Campi”, I was bitterly disappointed when I thought they’d be dumping them.

  2. do/did you attend AUC? the new campus is a travesty, alone in the desert.

    • nottooshaabi

      TBE was at AUC in various capacities several years ago.

      As for the new campus, we’ve visited a couple times and found it pleasant time, though we’re sure that if we had to travel there every day we might consider it burdensome. As for its being isolated, that’s bound to change as the city continues to expand.

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