Only in Amerabia, Folks…


Special thanks to TBE Insha’ Allah correspondent Michael Slackman Juicey for alerting us to this breaking convenience-store-robbery-ternt-conversion-to-Islam story, which contains a number of awesome elements:

1. Fox anchor Shepard Smith using Insha’ Allah on air (around the 3 minute mark).

2. The store owner, Muhammad Sohail, quotes Mika’s Relax (Take It Easy) to the would-be robber (around 1:03) and teaches unsuspecting Fox viewers a valuable lesson in how to convert to Islam (around 2:26).

3. The story itself.


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One response to “Only in Amerabia, Folks…

  1. emily

    bravo, seth! glad to see that tbe is going strong after a summer of intrepid international reporting.

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