Bone Thugs N Quincy

This is the first article in a planned TBE summer travel and leisure series titled “Omnibus Summer Guide #4080.”


On the rare occasions when TBE reads wine criticism, we are often annoyed at the narrow scope of the reviewers’ concerns. It seems to us that musical pairings are just as germane to a wine drinking experience as food pairings. With that in mind, TBE hereby presents you with our summer 2009 wine and music pairing of choice.

Due to its almost too obvious citrus, and, specifically, orange blossom flavors, TBE sometimes refers to wines from France’s Quincy region as “orange blossom specials.” Although astute readers might think we are suggesting a Johnny Cash musical pairing, they would be wrong. That might be a bit too sweet.

Instead, we suggest readers try Quincy wines with Bone Thugs N Harmony. The dry yet fruity wine cuts through the occasionally overwrought sentimentality the Bone Thugs impart, and its brightness balances off nicely with the morose, almost depressing brainfeel imparted by listening to Bone Thugs on repeat, which TBE would not suggest doing under normal circumstances. These are not ordinary times, however, and their magnum opus, E 1999 Eternal, captures the mood of America in this summer of 2009, in a way that the seemingly Dance Dance Revolution-inspired songs currently receiving airplay on US hip hop radio most assuredly do not.


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One response to “Bone Thugs N Quincy

  1. MBK

    Overwrought sentimentality and a morose, almost depressing brainfeel… That pretty much sums it up! Haha!

    I’ve never tried Quincy wine, but based on your description, it seems like something more upbeat would make a better wine-music pairing. I’m thinking maybe a little Tribe Called Quest for some sunny, late August Saturday afternoon drinking. That way you’d still have that repetitive vibe, but with a much chiller brainfeel. How about “Check the Rhime” or “Can I Kick It?” Or maybe add a little French flair with “Luck of Lucien”? Or would that be too much?

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