KoGiBow, Chelada, Le P’tit Plaisir and Ghostface

After a couple weeks in the wilds of Colorado, TBE’s Americas correspondent is spending some time in Washington, DC.


kogibow furcafePhoto Credit: Chris Chen of “My Life as a Contact Sheet.”

Bourgeoise cake and cupcake shops have been sprouting like beans in DC over the past few years. Most of these places are overpriced, and their frostings tend to be heavier than metal and their cake drier than dryer sheets. That’s why TBE prefers KoGiBow, the awesome Chinese bakery/bubble tea-purveyor in Adams Morgan, for all our cakely needs. The cake is astoundingly light and the frosting is whipped cream-based and studded with the fruit of your choice. TBE prefers fresh strawberries.



Perusing the aisles of gas station convenience stores is one of TBE’s favorite past times, particularly in America and especially after a long absence from the homeland. A bevy of new beverages, a panoply of new candy, and astoundingly sized Big Gulp-type beverages never fail to daze and astound. One can learn a lot about America’s collective id in and among the aisles and coolers of these monuments to good taste.

Of all the new products on the market, only one has gripped our collective imaginations and not let go: Chelada. Budweiser has really outdone itself with this beverage, as one might charitably call it. Chelada mixes Budweiser (or Bud Lite, for the calorie-conscious) with Clamato (a clam and tomato juice cocktail) accoutered with a dash of salt and lemon. TBE has yet to try Chelada, as we are still in the process of steeling ourselves mentally and physically for the experience. Be on the lookout for our tasting notes, which will appear in the comments.

More Food:

Speaking of ill-conceived faux-Mexican comestibles, of which TBE is becoming something of a connoisseur, while in Paris we had the opportunity to taste the P’tit Plaisir Sauce Salsa, a McDonald’s burger topped with salsa, soggy tortilla chips and a chive-inflected white sauce of unknown provenance.

We are, however, keenly interested in tasting Mexican hot dogs, and “hotdogueros” is far and away the best new word we’ve learned since arriving on these shores. Any reader with information on where to find Sonoran-style hot dogs in DC, please inform us immediately.


ghostface new album

TBE sincerely hopes the music on the new album by “rap Yogi Berra” Ghostface (due out September 29) lives up to the album art, though early indications indicate that it might not be as good as some classic Ghostface material.


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  1. Poseidon

    No tasting notes? Steel yourself, TBE food critic!

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