Cairo Whines

New Whines in Old Bottles

New Whines in Old Bottles

TBE staff was all up in arms yesterday about the latest indignity we’ve suffered at the hands of the New Yorker. Namely that they have not, of late, been putting any of the articles we want to read online. As one staffer huffily put it, “Ugh… First the MF Doom profile, then Holbrooke and now the favela article. Doesn’t the New Yorker understand that some of us can’t just walk to the newsstand and pick up a print copy?”

This put us in mind of White Whines, the site chronicling the petty annoyances of whuppies (white, hipsterish upwardly-mobile professionals), which we also sometimes deign to call yobobos (young bourgeois bohemians).

This mental journey led us inevitably back to an idea we briefly entertained a while back, of making a similar site based on the alleged indignities about which some foreigners and Egyptians in our fair city never stop blathering. Here are a couple fine specimens we’ve collected recently:

“Why does my zabbal insist on ringing the doorbell and waking me up at 10am when there is clearly a bag of garbage outside my door?”

“Every time Thomas delivers to my downtown flat the pizza arrives cold. I am only ordering from DiFranco’s until they get their act together.”

Feel free to add your own in comments.



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4 responses to “Cairo Whines

  1. Poseidon

    Why is Seoudi so inconsistent when it comes to stocking import Italian parmesan? I mean, sometimes it’s there, but it could well have disappeared the day after.

  2. Joe Khawaga

    why is this country so full of Egyptians?

  3. agnabiyya

    …and yet all the parties so full of khawagat?

  4. anti-fanilla; full stop

    Why is Costa always so cold? And can’t they install some extra outlets? My macbook always runs out of battery there.

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