Go Go al-Jazeera

power rangers

Five Reasons Haim Saban won’t be buying 50% of al-Jazeera, as reported in al-Mesryoon:

  1. Qatar has tons of new LNG trains starting production, and is probably one of the countries least affected by the global financial crisis. The economy is expected to grow around ten percent this year.
  2. Besides which, why would al-Jazeera’s fortunes be linked to the global financial crisis, as the article implies? It’s not as if al-Jazeera derives significant income from advertising, and the majority of its small number of advertisers are Qatari state-owned enterprises.
  3. Furthermore, without having seen balance sheets, we can guess that very few media companies in the region are actually profitable. Instead they are used to push specific viewpoints. This includes the government press in all countries and the big regional newspapers and satellite stations.
  4. It is our understanding that foreigners cannot own more than 49% of anything in Qatar, except in a few industries. Media is not one of them.
  5. The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers are not suitable news anchors.


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2 responses to “Go Go al-Jazeera

  1. MBK

    Haim Saban wants to buy part of Al-Jazeera?!?!? That would be… interesting. Speaking of Saban, any news? :)

  2. Sarah Smith

    The art on this post is award worthy.

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