Establishments: Egyptian, Literary and Hip Hop

TBE is more-or-less out of pocket due to a number of annoying intrusions on our regularly scheduled bloggingzeit, so we’ll probably be reduced to subsistence blogging during the next period.



When TBE’s Editor-in-Chief was a youngster, this girl in one of his classes had a sweatshirt that featured toads clinging to the oars of a rowboat. The sweatshirt’s legend read: “Toadly Oarsome!” For some reason we can’t remember whether the actually rowers of the boat were human or dancer or more toads. But the moral of the story is that TBE’s initial response to this video mashup of the NDP’s Annual Conference was that it was totally awesome, which then inspired the above-cited digression.


Construction is underway on the corner of Qasr al-Aini and Sheikh Rihan for the entrance to the new AUC Bookstore. It looked kind of glitzy to us, but we’re withholding judgment for the moment. We’re hoping they install comfortable chairs so layabouts like TBE can laze away the days in comfort.

An outlet of Dar al-Shorouk bookstore opened in Zamalek. It was understocked when we went, and had TBE questioning the sagacity of opening a branch in Zamalek at all. Having written that, it is a shoo-in for TBE’s prestigious “Best Use of Astroturf in a Book Store” award.


TBE is staunchly opposed to musical preference profiling, perhaps a consequence of having often been wrongly profiled by nitwits and others. We see as an infringement on our readers’ music rights. Nonetheless, we have an idea that most of our readers don’t read this blog for tips on hip-hop downloads.

Clipse and Cam’ron- Popular Demand (Popeye’s)

As Pusha said on their seminal We Got It For Cheap, Vol. 2, “Now how could we not do this one?” The best Cam song since Gone and Popeye’s. Not the best Clipse verses ever and the chorus is a bit long but whatever.

DJ Benzi: Get Right Radio- Summer 09

In internet years this is old as dirt, Chester French, the host, is downright insufferable, and the cheesiness of many of the songs may make you uncomfortable. But this fills the important “uptempo music that might inspire an optimal performance on a cardiovascular machine” niche, so until something better comes along to make us forget that we’re so alienated from physical labor that we choose to ride machines that look like giant insects, it’ll still be in the rotation.

Don Cannon and Yung Dro present R.I.P.

Yung Dro is widely acknowledged as the world’s foremost describer of custom car colors (exteriors and interiors). And his ability really is uncanny. It also presents us with a teachable moment. Instead of getting mad at Cairo’s ever-present traffic, perhaps it’s better to take a page out of Dro’s playbook and take the time to think of very creative ways to describe the colors of the cars around you.


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One response to “Establishments: Egyptian, Literary and Hip Hop

  1. newgyptian

    this post made me really want to meet the folk(s) behind TBE. you sound like a fun bunch. (refraining from making some sort of marky mark related joke about being a funky bunch.)

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