Introducing… al-Masri al-Yum

Photo Credit: Nadim Audi

TBE is branching out. Like all of our blog ideas, the new one began when we thought of a clever play on words. In this case, al-Masri al-Yum. As you might’ve guessed, this new venture will focus exclusively on food.

Since the site is still in beta, and to forestall accusations of postlessness, we’ve cross-posted all the old TBE items dealing with the culinary arts to the new site. We haven’t yet decided whether we’ll continue posting food-related content on the main site, or put them exclusively on our new “Dining & Wine (You should be imagining drop shadows on this title)” site. Probably the latter.

Also, we’re hiring. So if you’ve got a bevy of food and bevvie pitches at the ready, please don’t hesitate to email us at


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