Local Developments: Downtown

As promised yesterday, we’re back with some important Downtown news.

Supermarket Sweep


An honest-to-goodness supermarket has opened on the cusp of the Boursa. Such is our devotion to Falaki Star (which already treads the thin line between baqala and subermarket), Tiba and the Hag’s shop, the holy trinity in TBE’s downtown comestibles cosmology, that we’ve only bought a couple things there so far. We wouldn’t dare betray them with an upstart like Masria, as the new joint is called.

A tour of the premises indicates that the supermarket differs little from other examples of the genre to be found in Egypt, occupying a middle space between the state-run supermarkets, which used to be called “Nile 2000” in the days when Fusinan and Brick Fashion were the ne plus ultra in men’s jacket fashion, but has now adopted the name “New Market,” and the gourmet emporiums of Zamalek, Doqqi and elsewhere. Probably a good fit for the Boursa demographic.

Checks: One thing we did notice about the new supermarket is the incorporation of a check (or a checkmark or what we think British people refer to as a tick) into its logo. What is it with Egyptian supermarkets and checks? Is Masriya Metro’s diffusion line?

Then we started thinking about the dynamism of the word check in the English language (Send a check or money orderMic checkaCheck all that applyPlaid check), which is neither hither nor thither but we just thought that we should mention.


الهاستل هاستلك

TBE is also happy to give our coveted seal of approval to a new hostel that just opened downtown. We’ve only recently made the acquaintance of Dina, the owner and CEO of the aptly named Dina’s Hostel, but in the brief time we spent with her our knowledge of small business ownership in Egypt increased by at least 800%. And we support the idea of young entrepreneurs opening businesses downtown on principle. Finally, the associations you might have with the word hostel don’t do the place justice, as will become immediately apparent upon visiting the website.

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