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Recently it seems that Barely adei has gone by without us obsessing over a certain recently-returned betortoise-shelled could-be hero. So today, or at least until Mona Shazly comes on at 10, we’re takng some time off to highlight several arts (mostly typography and graphic design) and literature blogs and sites we’ve recently had the pleasure of adding to our RSS reader or bookmarks bar.

These are topics about which we know relatively little, but please don’t allow our paucity of knowledge and the sins of omission it may have inspired get in the way of your visual or leitory pleasure.


Khatt Foundation Center for Arabic Typography

Dafter Tajreebi

Blog Ganzeer

Bidoon Sukkar

29 Letters

Arabesque: Graphic Design from the Arab World and Persia

Tarek Atrissi

Arabic Art & Design Flickr Group


Ahmed Khalifa

Arabic Literature (in English)

Laila Lalami

Youssef Rakha


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