Youth Against Fashionism

Having returned, briefly, from the land of the open-throated alifs (Hala Wallah at your boy!), we’ve got several updates coming your way in the coming day or days. Today we’ll be covering some fashion happening around town.


Although TBE’s dream of opening a hamburger joint in Cairo is currently on sabbatical, we’re happy to announce that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the tonier districts of Zamalek and beyond. It is with great pleasure that we announce the founding of Amoura Designs, the brainchild of a most stylish friend of TBE, which is currently producing gorgeous jewelry like that which graces the top of this post. Check the Facebook page for ordering information and more work samples.

The Fanilla District Will Not Be Televised

As many of you are surely aware, TBE has a long and proud history of pro-fanilla activism, and a previous post on the subject inspired some of the most beautiful and poignant comments ever to have graced our pages. Thus it was with a heaping helping of shock that we learned today that there is a whole district of the city, practically in the Boursa’s backyard, devoted to the fanillat, miscellaneous undergarments and sleepwear trades. Said district stretches for a couple blocks of Mohammed Farid Street as it exits northward from Moustapha Kamel Square. You should definitely pay it a visit if you haven’t already.

Selected Shorts

While shorts have been seen with increasing frequency in and around Midan Messaha in Doqqi and elsewhere over the past couple years, it was not until the past couple days that we’ve seen shorts in usually-staid downtown (with the notable exception of that one guy who can usually be found hanging out near the Iranian Carpets shop, who wears shorts regularly, and could and should, it must be said, be giving masters classes to the whippersnapper shabab of today on the sartorial art of shorts-wearing). We’re generally on the “shorts are only appropriate as house clothes or sporting activities” side of the ledger in the great “shorts in public” debate, but if the influx of shorts into downtown, paired with…

Counterveiling Winds/Trends/Etc.

Also, people have been saying for a while that veiling, the social barometer par excellence for trend-piece wielding journalists and their country cousins from Thinktankia, is on the decline in Egypt. We can’t decide whether we should co-sign on this idea, and you’ll have to send us a care package if you want us to care, but sometimes a headline is too good not to use.

…means that the Egyptian economy is on the upswing and/or are increasingly ready to seize control of their collective future from the trust fund babies, then we’re all for more PDLs and PDHs.

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