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ايه أجمل من جمال؟

What with Lil’ Wayne’s new album coming out last week, it seemed only natural to revisit his catalogue and its lasting contributions to Arabic song. In particular we were drawn to his brilliant commentary on the hyper-extended greeting sequence, with which we’re sure many of you are familiar. We write, of course, of Lil Wayne’s “’عامل ايه؟”

It seems, however, that Tarek Masoud may have heard the lyrics differently, as an ode to the heir apparent. He apparently heard “Gamali, Gamali” (sample lyrics: “I’m a Young Guard Gamallionaire/tougher than Captain Mamdouh’s eyewear”…“What’s a goon to a goblin?”…“I’m okay, but my pops’ sick” )  In short, a modern-day “O Captain, My Captain” (or is that “O Hosni, My Hosni”???)

That was an awful lot of throat clearing but you know what DJ Kool always says… (sample lyric: “We never let the blog magnetize me no more”)

As for the article itself:

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Youth Against Fashionism

Having returned, briefly, from the land of the open-throated alifs (Hala Wallah at your boy!), we’ve got several updates coming your way in the coming day or days. Today we’ll be covering some fashion happening around town.


Although TBE’s dream of opening a hamburger joint in Cairo is currently on sabbatical, we’re happy to announce that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the tonier districts of Zamalek and beyond. It is with great pleasure that we announce the founding of Amoura Designs, the brainchild of a most stylish friend of TBE, which is currently producing gorgeous jewelry like that which graces the top of this post. Check the Facebook page for ordering information and more work samples.

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Local Developments: Downtown

As promised yesterday, we’re back with some important Downtown news.

Supermarket Sweep


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Introducing… al-Masri al-Yum

Photo Credit: Nadim Audi

TBE is branching out. Like all of our blog ideas, the new one began when we thought of a clever play on words. In this case, al-Masri al-Yum. As you might’ve guessed, this new venture will focus exclusively on food.

Since the site is still in beta, and to forestall accusations of postlessness, we’ve cross-posted all the old TBE items dealing with the culinary arts to the new site. We haven’t yet decided whether we’ll continue posting food-related content on the main site, or put them exclusively on our new “Dining & Wine (You should be imagining drop shadows on this title)” site. Probably the latter.

Also, we’re hiring. So if you’ve got a bevy of food and bevvie pitches at the ready, please don’t hesitate to email us at

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Cairo Gems 2: Mosquito Pellets

NO MAS !! ناموس

À l’ombre des jeunes moustiques en fleurs aka Season of Migration to TBE HQ

For some reason, many mosquitoes see fit to winter in TBE HQ. Our admittedly unthorough check of outlying areas have revealed no standing water, so we’re not sure where they’re breeding. Regardless, the alacritious manner in which they send reinforcements upon the death of one or more of their comrades leads us to believe that their secret breeding grounds, this New Jersey to TBE’s Boca Raton, are quite close, as the mosquito flies.

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TBE is “ROCKIN’ ROBIN” (“A bravado performance!” -NYT)

I know why the caged canary tweets.

I know why the caged canary tweets.

Although it may not be obvious to the casual reader, TBE recently passed through a strenuous but ultimately fruitful round of restructuring. In line with recommendations proffered to us by the flotilla of top-class consultants we flew in to pore over every detail of TBE’s operating budget and management structure and other important things about which we won’t bore you with the details, TBE has made a momentous decision.

We have joined Twitter.

To be honest, we don’t yet know what we’re going to use it for. Probably to post links to things we are too lazy to post about/only half interested in, engage in inane dialogues with other Twegyptian and Twamerican twitterageyya, and to occasionally provide our dear readers with exclusive inside information on important Egyptian developments. Our first-ever tweet falls into the last category. You can find it here.

After the jump, a few videos for songs in which the word “tweet” can replace words that rhyme with it and one in which you don’t have to replace anything.

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Snaps of the Week: Special “Jason Larkin” Edition

A farmer in Farafra Oasis.

A farmer from the village of Mawhab, near Dakhla Oasis.

As we’ve noted before, TBE’s Photo Editor and resident Bluetooth Expert Jason Larkin has a side gig as a professional photographer. The talented Mr. Larkin recently concluded a renovation of his website. As part of the new site’s soft opening, and to feed the art and photojournalism-hungry masses, TBE is proud to present a selection of his work today. Clicking on any of the images will take you to his website.

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