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Introducing… al-Masri al-Yum

Photo Credit: Nadim Audi

TBE is branching out. Like all of our blog ideas, the new one began when we thought of a clever play on words. In this case, al-Masri al-Yum. As you might’ve guessed, this new venture will focus exclusively on food.

Since the site is still in beta, and to forestall accusations of postlessness, we’ve cross-posted all the old TBE items dealing with the culinary arts to the new site. We haven’t yet decided whether we’ll continue posting food-related content on the main site, or put them exclusively on our new “Dining & Wine (You should be imagining drop shadows on this title)” site. Probably the latter.

Also, we’re hiring. So if you’ve got a bevy of food and bevvie pitches at the ready, please don’t hesitate to email us at


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KoGiBow, Chelada, Le P’tit Plaisir and Ghostface

After a couple weeks in the wilds of Colorado, TBE’s Americas correspondent is spending some time in Washington, DC.


kogibow furcafePhoto Credit: Chris Chen of “My Life as a Contact Sheet.”

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Bone Thugs N Quincy

This is the first article in a planned TBE summer travel and leisure series titled “Omnibus Summer Guide #4080.”


On the rare occasions when TBE reads wine criticism, we are often annoyed at the narrow scope of the reviewers’ concerns. It seems to us that musical pairings are just as germane to a wine drinking experience as food pairings. With that in mind, TBE hereby presents you with our summer 2009 wine and music pairing of choice.

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AUC Bookstore Details Emerge


The AUC Bookstore has been TBE’s intellectual crush for a while now. But it seems “the bookstore,” as we affectionately call it, has been playing coy with TBE. Only in America did TBE finally uncover some exclusive details about a proposed makeover that is set to challenge that intellectuals’ café on Falaki Street’s claim on the hearts of downtown’s smart set.

Bookstore details and other AUC effluvia, culled from an article in AUC Today’s Fall 2008 issue, after the jump.

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Dictionaries, Strawberries and Putridities


TBE is quite busy today reporting out a story with the potential to shake up the whole Boursa, and which will surely have reverberations throughout downtown and the world.

We have, however, collected a couple tips and tidbits for our readers, and commissioned an editorial on an urgent matter of public health.

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Qashtamar Rules Everything Around Me (Q.R.E.A.M.)


According to a report in yesterday’s al-Shourouk, Café Qashtamar in Abbasiya is closing to make way for an apartment building. The cafe, which some might call iconic, figured heavily in a couple Naguib Mahfouz stories, Qashtamar (قشتمر) and One Hour Remains (الباقي من الزمن ساعة), neither of which TBE has read. It was also the café Anthony Bourdain visited on that dreadful episode of No Reservations set in Cairo.

Anyhow, TBE determined that the story is ideal for the kind of local color piece that journalists produce when Cairo is not on the international news agenda. We put on our Jeffrey Fleishman hat to write a suitable encomium-for-the-café/what-does-it-all-mean think piece. Full disclosure: TBE has never set foot in Café Qashtamar.

Café’s Closing Signals the End of an Era (with video)

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Quick Links for June 14, 2009

A green-clad Mousavi supporter saves a recruit from the security forces. Do Tehran cops ride around on rollerblades? Take their design cues from Kafka’s Metamorphosis?

A green-clad Mousavi supporter saves a recruit from the security forces. Do Tehran cops ride around on rollerblades? Take their design cues from Kafka’s Metamorphosis?

TBE is currently all-Iran, all-the-time, with iced coffee on the side. In addition to the links posted yesterday, here are some more to satisfy your cravings.


Andrew Sullivan probably has the most comprehensive English-language coverage.

Tehran Bureau has continuous updates, a lot of it rumors, from within Iran.

The (Trita Parsi-led) National Iranian American Council started a blog to translate Farsi sources.

Laura Rozen, Brian Ulrich and Spencer Ackerman have also been posting regularly.

“Runnin'”- The Pharcyde

Note to readers: Coverage is operating largely on a closed circuit, with endless reblogging and retwittering of others’ material. But it’s super-exciting nonetheless.


TBE finally made cold-brewed iced coffee from this recipe. It is definitely worth it, particularly if using subpar beans, because the coffee does not become bitter as it tends to when hot-brewed. This recipe works perfectly with a smaller French press.

This post about iced coffee in Doha will be of interest to many of our readers. Someone should do a comparative study of experiences at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Costa in Doha and Cairo.

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