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ايه أجمل من جمال؟

What with Lil’ Wayne’s new album coming out last week, it seemed only natural to revisit his catalogue and its lasting contributions to Arabic song. In particular we were drawn to his brilliant commentary on the hyper-extended greeting sequence, with which we’re sure many of you are familiar. We write, of course, of Lil Wayne’s “’عامل ايه؟”

It seems, however, that Tarek Masoud may have heard the lyrics differently, as an ode to the heir apparent. He apparently heard “Gamali, Gamali” (sample lyrics: “I’m a Young Guard Gamallionaire/tougher than Captain Mamdouh’s eyewear”…“What’s a goon to a goblin?”…“I’m okay, but my pops’ sick” )  In short, a modern-day “O Captain, My Captain” (or is that “O Hosni, My Hosni”???)

That was an awful lot of throat clearing but you know what DJ Kool always says… (sample lyric: “We never let the blog magnetize me no more”)

As for the article itself:

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Limited engagement. One weekend only. You can call me uncle.

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Remember Rappin’ Gulf Capital?*

First, a dedication to our readers…

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Local Developments: Zamalek

This post has been on hold forever because our camera’s been on the fritz. Special thanks to TBE reader “Sara(h) Smith,” without whose intercession we would never have been able to finally bring you these no-longer-breaking developments, whose importance remains undiminished.


Another One Bites the Dust

It's difficult to take a photo of something that's not there.

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Introducing… al-Masri al-Yum

Photo Credit: Nadim Audi

TBE is branching out. Like all of our blog ideas, the new one began when we thought of a clever play on words. In this case, al-Masri al-Yum. As you might’ve guessed, this new venture will focus exclusively on food.

Since the site is still in beta, and to forestall accusations of postlessness, we’ve cross-posted all the old TBE items dealing with the culinary arts to the new site. We haven’t yet decided whether we’ll continue posting food-related content on the main site, or put them exclusively on our new “Dining & Wine (You should be imagining drop shadows on this title)” site. Probably the latter.

Also, we’re hiring. So if you’ve got a bevy of food and bevvie pitches at the ready, please don’t hesitate to email us at

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“Back on the scene, crispy and clean”

Not exactly fresh news, but “Rob,” of Arabic Media Shack fame, is blogging again, this time at War and Peace. For those that don’t know, Rob is something of an iconoclast, and his thoughts and ideas are always worth reading. Our blogroll has been updated. Has yours?

“You better learn how to add”

We also added Chocolate & Zucchini to the food section. While not all of their recipes are really doable in Cairo, some of them are. Also we were just pondering why zucchini is one of those vegetables that is available all year round in Cairo, along with tomatoes, onions, potatoes and cucumbers. Why are some vegetables seasonal and others not in countries where the growing season lasts all year?

“Read More Learn More Change the Globe”

TBE has also added another tab on the top of the page, called “Reading Material.” Readers should know that this decision engendered a huge argument at TBE HQ. TBE’s Facebook editor argued that he finds those “What I’m Reading Now” applications to be insidious examples of intellectual one-upmanship, meant less to recommend books than to show off, and drew a parallel between those applications and our proposed new feature. Our Long Article and Book Reading correspondent offered a vicious riposte on TBE’s in-house listserv, attacking the vacuity of anyone whose career aspirations led them to become a “social media expert.” Despite recognizing our correspondent’s tactic as attacking the person making the argument instead of taking on the argument itself, we decided to humor him, at least temporarily.

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TBE is “ROCKIN’ ROBIN” (“A bravado performance!” -NYT)

I know why the caged canary tweets.

I know why the caged canary tweets.

Although it may not be obvious to the casual reader, TBE recently passed through a strenuous but ultimately fruitful round of restructuring. In line with recommendations proffered to us by the flotilla of top-class consultants we flew in to pore over every detail of TBE’s operating budget and management structure and other important things about which we won’t bore you with the details, TBE has made a momentous decision.

We have joined Twitter.

To be honest, we don’t yet know what we’re going to use it for. Probably to post links to things we are too lazy to post about/only half interested in, engage in inane dialogues with other Twegyptian and Twamerican twitterageyya, and to occasionally provide our dear readers with exclusive inside information on important Egyptian developments. Our first-ever tweet falls into the last category. You can find it here.

After the jump, a few videos for songs in which the word “tweet” can replace words that rhyme with it and one in which you don’t have to replace anything.

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Cairo State of Mind

“…These streets will make you feel brand new/ Fawanees will inspire you…” -Empire State of Mind (Cairo Ramadan remix)

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AUC Bookstore Details Emerge


The AUC Bookstore has been TBE’s intellectual crush for a while now. But it seems “the bookstore,” as we affectionately call it, has been playing coy with TBE. Only in America did TBE finally uncover some exclusive details about a proposed makeover that is set to challenge that intellectuals’ café on Falaki Street’s claim on the hearts of downtown’s smart set.

Bookstore details and other AUC effluvia, culled from an article in AUC Today’s Fall 2008 issue, after the jump.

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Liam Stack, Greek Club Civil War, and Developing Developments

The elusive Liam in his natural habitat.

TBE interrupts its previously scheduled vacation to bring you the following updates:

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