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Things To Eat In Cairo When It’s Cold


TBE loves nothing more than royal coats of arms emblazoned with stylized dolphins.

Real talk: Back in the late 1990s, a TBE correspondent used to work at the now-defunct location of Blockbuster Video in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington, DC. One evening a number of men wearing wool greatcoats swept into the building. DC not yet having been overrun by czars, TBE was unsure what to make of their uniform attire, other than to remember his training, which called for increased vigilance when people in baggy coats stepped into the building, lest they be thieves.

They were not, as it turns out, thieves. Rather they were members of the secret service escorting Tipper Gore as she picked up a couple movies. One of the movies she rented was Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead.

So that’s where we got the title of this post.

Fittingly, considering that Al Gore was once a Democratic dauphin of sorts, the first recipe we’re featuring is Gratin Dauphinois, which is really simple and delicious aside from the tedious slicing of potatoes.

But first, one final aside: In order to forestall what would surely be a torrent of comments from correspondents angry at the fact that we misidentified the origin of the name of the dish called Gratin Dauphinois, let us now declare now that we are aware that the dish is in fact named after the dearly departed French province of Dauphiné, and not, as we’ve implied, the dauphin himself. If you’re interested in learning more about the distinction, you could do worse than to read this passage from Wikipedia, about which we’d like to learn more: “A major condition [of the 1349 treaty incorporating Dauphiné into France] was that the heir to the throne of France would be known as le Dauphin, which was the case from that time until the revolution.”

Recipes and more after the jump.

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Cairo Whines

New Whines in Old Bottles

New Whines in Old Bottles

TBE staff was all up in arms yesterday about the latest indignity we’ve suffered at the hands of the New Yorker. Namely that they have not, of late, been putting any of the articles we want to read online. As one staffer huffily put it, “Ugh… First the MF Doom profile, then Holbrooke and now the favela article. Doesn’t the New Yorker understand that some of us can’t just walk to the newsstand and pick up a print copy?”

This put us in mind of White Whines, the site chronicling the petty annoyances of whuppies (white, hipsterish upwardly-mobile professionals), which we also sometimes deign to call yobobos (young bourgeois bohemians).

This mental journey led us inevitably back to an idea we briefly entertained a while back, of making a similar site based on the alleged indignities about which some foreigners and Egyptians in our fair city never stop blathering. Here are a couple fine specimens we’ve collected recently:

“Why does my zabbal insist on ringing the doorbell and waking me up at 10am when there is clearly a bag of garbage outside my door?”

“Every time Thomas delivers to my downtown flat the pizza arrives cold. I am only ordering from DiFranco’s until they get their act together.”

Feel free to add your own in comments.


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Just Your Typical American Fella(h)

Roy's is a hotbed of downhome charm in Egypt's otherwise rather gritty capital.

Roy's is a hotbed of downhome charm in Egypt's otherwise rather gritty capital.

Country music is outside TBE’s usual musical purview, so maybe we’re coming a little late to this: Egyptian-American singer Kareem Salama’s lyrics aren’t a particularly exemplary example of country as a genre, which is traditionally associated with the American fellaheen. But Salama’s video for “A Land Called Paradise” does tug at the ol’ heartstrings, in the truest country tradition.

More US/Middle East music news (featuring media darling Kanye West) after the jump:

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Adams Morgan Dish Reviews

adams morgan

TBE and Adams Morgan go back many years, and since we’ve been reunited like Peaches & Herb, we decided to highlight a few of our favorite dishes in the neighborhood as part of our Omnibus Summer Guide #4080.

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KoGiBow, Chelada, Le P’tit Plaisir and Ghostface

After a couple weeks in the wilds of Colorado, TBE’s Americas correspondent is spending some time in Washington, DC.


kogibow furcafePhoto Credit: Chris Chen of “My Life as a Contact Sheet.”

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Itinerary Names: The Itinerary

A plethora of readers have written in asking TBE for an insiders’ guide to Paris. They’ve inspired us to write this quick travel guide, as part of TBE’s “Omnibus Summer Guide #4080.”



If old Marcel P. was still alive, there can be no doubt that he would dine at Itinéraires.

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Why’s GAD Been Acting So Messed Up Towards TBE?: UPDATED


TBE is a longtime fan of GAD’s fiteer, particularly (q)ishta wa ‘asl. You can imagine our excitement at the prospect of a new GAD opening on Midan Falaki. We thought we might have recalled this prospective GAD a couple years back, in roughly the same state of limbo in which it exists today, but a peek behind the curtains showed that all or most of the kitchen and serving equipment was installed and ready to start churning out fiteer and other GADian delicacies. This led us to believe that it would be only a matter of days or a few short weeks before a very conveniently located GAD would be adorning our taste buds, far from the madding crowds (and long waits) of the 26th July location.

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