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SCAF Wiedersehen

a milli a milli a milli

Huge numbers of people turned up in Tahrir last week, despite a noticeable lack of official enthusiasm from the Brotherhood leadership. The obvious lesson for the MB to draw is that there is a very large constituency that wishes to see SCAF out. That is why the Brotherhood is making loud noises, the first day after the first round of elections, about a civilian takeover of Egypt’s government immediately after the elections. SCAF, after all, could easily characterize the protestors in Tahrir as not representing Egypt (putting aside the casting of aspersions that they are not “Real Egyptians”) but it will be much harder for them to do so when confronted with a coalition of the MB and the denizens of Tahrir (ie the old revolutionary coalition).

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Snap of the Week: Cet Obscur Objet du Désir

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Snaps of the Week: Special “Jason Larkin” Edition

A farmer in Farafra Oasis.

A farmer from the village of Mawhab, near Dakhla Oasis.

As we’ve noted before, TBE’s Photo Editor and resident Bluetooth Expert Jason Larkin has a side gig as a professional photographer. The talented Mr. Larkin recently concluded a renovation of his website. As part of the new site’s soft opening, and to feed the art and photojournalism-hungry masses, TBE is proud to present a selection of his work today. Clicking on any of the images will take you to his website.

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Snap of the Week


Location: Tahrir Street next door to Koshari al-Tahrir.

In an otherwise unassuming men’s clothing store, one finds this truly peculiar window display. As you can see, it depicts a rabbit drinking a can of Apple Schweppes from a straw, with a fedora-type hat mounted on its back. A bit harder to make out in this photo, but more easily discerned in the pic below the jump, is a gun pointed out toward the street.

A store employee assured TBE that the rabbit is in fact real. When asked to comment on the display’s meaning, he replied, “كده يعني”

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Snap of the Week: UPDATED


obama arabic

Photo Credit: TBE Staff

Location: Al-Shourouq Bookstore, Midaan Talaat Harb.

An advertisement for the Arabic translation of Obama’s Dreams From My Father. It looks legit. 

UPDATE: National disgrace and Weekly Standard blogger Michael Goldfarb says Obama might be hiding his nefarious ability to speak Arabic… Maybe this is the original version and the English version is a translation FROM ARABIC and Obama said “hajib” instead of “hijab” to throw us off his scent. 

Another pic after the jump.

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Snap of the Week


Photo Credit: Annabelle Gardere.

Photo Credit: Annabelle Gardere

Location: On Talaat Harb near Abdel Khaliq Sarwat.

This picture is amazing for so many reasons: Proustian madeleine for some, unsavory attempted interpellation for others (an Althusserian madeleine, as it were), and finally, a profound mystery: Why would an ostensibly capitalist store sell a baby belly dancing outfit for LE39.95 when LE50 is attached to it as an accoutrement?

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