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المشير في متاهته


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Baradei’s Now

Alaa al-Aswani catches a lot of flack for being the official go-to person for lazy Western reporters seeking comment on whatever has seized their inane fancy that week. As we’re in no position to judge whether this is due to grievous acts of self-promotion or the aforementioned lassitude in dogged pursuit of stories, we tend to give the good dentist the benefit of the doubt.

Also, we like his writing in this piece, urging his fellow citizens to welcome Muhammad ElBaradei upon his arrival at Cairo Airport, which gains its power not from stylistic flourishes but rather from its very direct appeal and the heartstrings tugging towards the end that is his specialty.

We promise, our “Al-Baradei, All the Time” phase will end soon, if only because we’re running out of suitable puns…

From al-Shorouk’s Tuesday, February 16 edition:

Why Are We Going to Welcome ElBaradei?

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Homecoming Dance

We haven’t translated anything in a while, and we’ve got a mild case of bloggers’ block, so we decided to translate an op-ed by Professor of Political Science at Cairo University (and possibly department chair) and prominent anti-inheritance activist Hassan Nafaa wrote in today’s al-Masry al-Youm, about the impending return of Dr. ElBaradei, and the excitement he has engendered amongst the politically active segments of Egypt’s young population.

In the piece, Dr. Nafaa announces his intention to attend a mass welcome for Dr. ElBaradei upon his arrival at Cairo International Airport this Friday at 3 PM, while also calling on all opposition forces to attend, regardless of whether they would support a hypothetical (at this point) ElBaradei candidacy.

From al-Masry al-Youm’s Sunday, February 14 edition:

Will Egypt’s Youth Succeed in Organizing a Mass Welcome for ElBaradei?

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Downtown Architectural Preservation

Here is a screencap. Complete document coming soon.

Thanks to the good offices of the indefatigable Humphrey Davies, who not only translates novels but also keeps an eye on the Official Gazette of Egypt, TBE has learned that the government, in a move that can only be described as laudable, has set aside a large number of Cairo’s buildings and villas for architectural preservation. We weren’t able to find a copy of the Gazette on the government’s website, and the file is rather too large to post here, but will post a link if we find one, or send a copy via email to interested parties.

Some details after the jump.

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Get Elected; or, al-Baradei Tryin’ (Omnibus)

Not no Parkay, not no margarine...

As promised, TBE is now publishing the full al-Baradei interview – straight, no chaser – in one convenient place. We’re terribly sorry that TBE doesn’t have a “print view” to facilitate reading it on your commute back to Matareyya or Grosvenor or wherever. May we suggest this brilliant application, which renders almost any texty web page printer-friendly?

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Get Elected; or, al-Baradei Tryin’ (Part 4 of 4)

Wall Street is what they call the Boursa in America.

After a marathon translation session at TBE HQ, we’ve finally finished the final installment of TBE’s translation of al-Shorouk’s interview with Muhammad al-Baradei, and are fully prepared to bask in the adulation of our legions of fans for having accomplished such an epic accomplishment.

In this segment, which corresponds to al-Shorouk’s third part (of three), published on 23 December 2009, al-Baradei responds to the lies spread about him in the less savory precincts of the Egyptian press, cites some damning statistics and generally comes off as presidential, whatever that means.

We’ll probably publish an omnibus edition tomorrow for the completists amongst you. Until then:

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

Part 3 is here.

Al-Baradei In His First Comprehensive Interview, With Al-Shorouk (Part 3 of 3): In Egypt People Live In Subhuman Conditions

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Get Elected; or, al-Baradei Tryin’ (Part 3 of 4)

This picture is not that easy to find anymore.

In this installment, al-Baradei discusses the press campaign against him, his relations with the ruling family, Israel, and the Muslim Brotherhood, along with other topics of contemporary and historical interest. Some of the answers here seem pieced together, and we have a strong suspicion that they are pieced together from different parts of the marathon interview Gamil Matar conducted with al-Baradei. Also quotation marks weren’t always used (here or in the original), but readers should be able to tell when al-Baradei is speaking directly and Matar is paraphrasing him.

Although this is part 3 of TBE’s translation, this represents the second of al-Shorouk’s 3-part interview with the presidential aspirant, published in the December 23, 2009 edition.

Part 1 of our translation can be found here.

Part 2 can be found here.

Al-Baradei In His First Comprehensive Interview, With Al-Shorouk (Part 2 of 3): The Egyptian People Deserve Better

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